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Laminated insulation soft mother row (flexible parent row)


Laminated insulation soft mother row (flexible parent row)

The insulation soft mother row is also known as laminated insulation soft mother row, flexible mother row, is the flat thin copper
  The insulation soft mother row is also known as laminated insulation soft mother row,flexible mother row,is the flat thin copper conductor superimposed by the multi-layer anti-corona,the outer layer is made of the insulation layer by extrusion.
  1.Structure composition.
  1,the conductor
  The conductor of the insulated flexible mother row adopts T2 soft copper belt,which can be divided into two kinds:bare copper and tin copper.The copper belt specification is 15.5 x 0.8,20 x 1,24 x 1,32 x 1,40 x 1,50 x 1,63 x 1,80 x 1,80 x 1,and 2 to 12 laminated layers.
  2.Insulation layer
  There are two kinds of materials:special polyvinyl chloride(PVC)and thermoplastic elastomer(TPE).TPE has the characteristics of low smoke and halogen free.
  Ii.Production standards.
  Insulation of soft bus in the world,there is no a special standard,the United States to borrow UL758 production of electronic line standard certification,the first by the west hanlon source reference GB/T5023 insulated cable standards and UL758 electronic standard production line.
  Iii.Product features of insulating soft mother platoon:
  1.Easy to process molding.
  Because copper conductor can slide freely in the insulating layer,the insulating soft mother row has infinite bending twist.Copper strip generous than difference is big,make soft bus can easily bend in the thickness direction,and the width direction has high rigidity,so as to make the soft bus insulation can unarmed or using simple tools to bend out of any space configuration,convenient wiring installation.
  2.High load flow
  By alternating current(ac),due to skin effect,the conductor inside the little current,current concentrated in a thin layer of adjacent wires appearance,soft bus multilayer flat conductor insulation structure makes the same conductor cross-sectional area can carry more by electric current.Thus reducing the amount of conductor material,both reducing weight and saving space.
  The following is the comparison of the required sections of the insulated soft mother platoon and the ordinary round cable under three loads:
  The section area of the circular cable of the section area of the insulation soft mother.
  250 a was 40 was 95
  630A 160 mm2 300 mm2.
  1000A 300 mm2 555 mm2.
  3.Convenient installation
  Insulated flexible bus after bending type punch,structure of the space shape can be evaded interference area,when the installation can also be easily respond to the original shape after bending,the interface is connected to the terminal directly fixed can slightly,eliminating the traditional fixed cable and bus complex connection.
  4.Application of insulation soft mother row.
  Because of soft bus excellent insulation properties,it has become the first choice for electrical wiring,gradually will replace the cables in the application of electrical wiring,of the main structure of the bus will be gradually replaced by soft bus.