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The advantages of insulating powder in copper, aluminum, female and bus lines


The advantages of insulating powder in copper, aluminum, female and bus lines

Insulation epoxy powder is a kind of 100%thermosetting material,which USES melt mixing technology to ensure
  Insulation epoxy powder is a kind of 100%thermosetting material,which USES melt mixing technology to ensure the consistency and stability of each powder particle.We also adopted the insulation of the epoxy powder is the most important,the most effective wetting activity,dense curing and crushing grinding technology,which makes the application of the powder performance is more outstanding,can contact closely with base material completely.And we adopt the world's most advanced curing reaction mechanism,which can make the curing more uniform,more thorough,and make the coating more compact,with better flexibility and heat resistance.Our strict selection of various materials,to ensure that the excellent electrical insulation coating,corrosion resistance,heat resistance,resistant to high voltage,excellent impact resistance and adhesion,easy construction,curing speed.The molecular structure of epoxy resin,curing agent type and reactivity,and various auxiliaries play an important role in the construction and final performance of coatings.
  The insulation epoxy resin can guarantee a year's validity when the storage temperature is less than 27c.
  One you can use.
  1.Thermal spraying 2.Hot dip coating 3.Electrostatic spraying 4.Electrostatic fluidized bed spraying.
  The benefits of two.
  Synergistic effect can also help to enhance the brand image of your products and increase the customer's recognition and loyalty to the products through our strong brand effect in power and various industries.Keep your product in the market.
  The insulation coating is in close contact with the mother,the moisture-proof property is excellent,and can make the space design more compact.Our high performance insulation powder with bus when the crosslinking reaction of chemical bonds,but not like heat shrinkable sleeve combined with bus simply physical contraction(heat),so stick relay and density is greatly increased,can carry on a variety of moist environment.Good dielectric strength at the same time,combined with coatings(45 v/um),coating thickness under the same stress level is far lower than the traditional heat shrinkable sleeve,so as to make the design more compact cabinet put oneself in another's position,and improve the competitiveness of the products!
  The surface is more beautiful:the insulating layer is smooth and flat,and the insulation performance is safer and more reliable.Our insulation and anti-corrosion powder has excellent leveling property after being heated.No matter what shape and size of the mother row can be perfectly applied and tightly adhered to.Instead of the traditional heat shrinkable sleeve,there are ugly wrinkles at the elbow and bubbles,leaving a serious safety hazard.
  Insulation system level of temperature 180℃level(H),the working temperature is higher,the coating will not heat to soften.Our insulation powder is a thermosetting material with good electrical properties.Unlike the traditional thermal shrinkable sleeve is thermoplastic material,it is easy to soften when heated.What's more,the heat-shrinkable tube has a low temperature rating and may be scorched because of high temperature,which can lead to serious safety accidents.Our coating is fully compliant with UL V-0 flame retardant test.
  Under the insulation coating,the copper row temperature rise is lower than that of the naked platoon.Not only do not need to reduce the volume,but can be raised.Our insulating anticorrosive resin has excellent thermal conductivity,and coated with copper platoon together(no air gap),so the effect of thermal radiation(heat),under the same condition is better than that of naked row(43℃temperature rise test result:bare copper platoon,our coating copper platoon temperature of 35℃).Thermal shrinkage,due to the low thermal conductivity and thermal insulation air gap,makes it unnecessary to keep the heat in the mother row,so the temperature is higher than the bare row,so it has to reduce the capacity and increase the cost.
  Excellent aging resistance and long service life.Our insulating anti-corrosion powder was invented in the United States in 1959 and has been used for nearly 50 years in various pipelines to prove that our insulating anti-corrosion powder has good aging resistance.However,the heat shrinkable sleeve is mainly PP and PE material,and the material itself determines its aging resistance and short service life.
  Good corrosion resistance can be applied to all kinds of bad engineering environment.Our insulating anticorrosive powder good anticorrosion performance and wider working temperature can make switchgear used in a variety of harsh environment,such as the highlands,damp environment,chemical plants,cement plants,such as area,with high levels of pollution and improve the safety of the heavy pollution in these areas stability and service life.
  Save material,reduce cost,improve quality stability.Various shapes,various specifications and stress levels of bus are available a perfect powder coating,to achieve the requirement of the insulation and anti-corrosion,the only need to change is the thickness of the coating,do not need to purchase a variety of specifications of the products and cutting,thereby reducing by using different types,different materials of the quality of the heat shrinkable sleeve bring instability.It also reduces the amount of work and materials wasted by thermal shrinkage.
  Provide an integrated solution to our comprehensive solution,including a complete set of pipelining equipment and our patented fixture.Thus,you will have higher efficiency,streamline automatic production and reduce the quality instability caused by human factors.